No Excuses (2000) proved that the poorest of the poor can outperform even the richest of the rich when great minds put their minds to the task of great teaching. Since that time “No Excuses” schools all across the country have emerged to show that there is no excuse for the failure of most schools to teach poor children. And yet it remains painfully difficult to make this kind of teaching happen at real scale. Why is that so?

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On Purpose (2010) raised the bar even higher: reminding us that great schools don’t only teach children what they need to know, rather, they help children discover for themselves who they are meant to be. On Purpose helps us understand the overwhelming importance of great school cultures just as the global competition for elite education begins to reach an all-time high.

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Digital Man (2018) And now the great disruption begins. Over the next ten years all of us will live through “the digitization of man” and no aspect of world society will be as dramatically affected as in our places of teaching and learning. Very specific changes in the use of social, mobile, telecommunication, and testing technologies will help us dramatically cut costs, accelerate learning, and create truly authentic “global classrooms.” But we must create new kinds of school cultures with entirely different "operating models" if digital learning is to enhance the power and reach of our humanity—and not just help us leave a larger segment of humanity behind.